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A Commons Experience at Northeastern University, Boston

A Commons Experience at Northeastern University, Boston

Northeastern University’s Curry Student Center Dining, Boston, is situated at the epicenter of student life on campus, and operates as a venue for special events, student services, dining and student activities. The university wanted to revitalize the center, which was last renovated in 1992, to become a renewed hub of activity and a showcase for students, faculty and visitors. 

The improvements include renovation of the 514-seat, ground-floor dining area and addition of a 3,000-square-foot suspended glass mezzanine with 168 dining seats and 28 lounge seats. The mezzanine—accessed by a new glass stair—links dining and student center functions, creating vibrant flow-through circulation, and gathering places for students. 

University-themed design elements throughout the space celebrate school spirit and provide a cohesive identity for this active space. Varying ceiling heights and seating choices take student socializing to a new level and have made the center the place to meet on campus.

The center, designed by Prellwitz Chilinski Associates (PCA), Cambridge, Mass., opened last fall. 

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