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Turnover at the Top: Chicago Public Schools CEOs

The tenure for school district superintendents or chief executive officers is notoriously short, especially in large urban systems.

At the 400,000-student Chicago school system, the nation's third-largest public district, five people have served as permanent CEOs since the schools were placed under direct control of the city's mayor in 1995. The tenure of those administrators ranged from less than two years to more than seven.

Forrest Claypool, named Thursday to be Chicago Public Schools CEO by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, will be the sixth permanent CEO in 20 years, and the third in the four years that Emanuel has been mayor. Claypool, who has been Emanuel's chief of staff and has led the city's transit system and park district, has a reputation of stepping in to help run struggling government agencies, but has no previous experience in school administration.

He will need those fix-it skills to help turn around the fortunes of Chicago schools, which are mired in a fiscal crisis that has resulted in painful budget cuts and employee layoffs.

Take a look at the Claypool and his five predecessors--where they came from, how long they stayed, and where they have gone.

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