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The Metro Nashville school board opposes proposal to sell its transportation center.

School board, metro council in Nashville at odds over sale of district's transportation center

Sale of bus center was included in the metro government's budget, but school officials say a sale is not feasible.

The Metro Nashville, Tenn., Government wants to sell the site of the school district's transportation center, but the school board is resisting.

The Nashville Tennessean reports that the Metro Nashville School Board is balking at a sale, saying it is "not a feasible option." It asked the Metro Council to partner with the school board to explore other potential revenue sources including other properties that could be sold.

The impasse has left a $13 million hole in the city's approved budget until the two government entities come to an agreement.

The 11.2-acre transportation center is where the school district fuels, repairs and houses buses. A sale would require the approval of the school board.

Councilman Colby Sledge proposed selling the bus center instead of a site initially included in the city budget, saying it would fetch more than the $13 million expected from the other site.

But school board member Sharon Gentry says the district would be unable to manage its bus fleet without the existing transportation center —  a facility she said "is not a parking lot."

In addition, Gentry says, selling the property would likely result in no additional revenue because the school district would need to acquire a new site that could handle a new bus center. Funds for that transaction are not included in the council's capital improvements budget.



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