Kentucky becomes 44th state to allow charter schools

Kentucky becomes 44th state to allow charter schools

Gov. Matt Bevin signs legislation that allow local districts and big-city mayors to authorize charter schools.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has signed legislation that allows charter schools in the state.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin
The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that the new law makes Kentucky the 44th state that allows the creation of charter schools.

Bevin had made charter school legislation in Kentucky a top priority.

The law gives local school districts as well as the mayors of Louisville and Lexington the authority to grant charters to organizations seeking to operate charter schools—publicly funded schools that are able to bypass many of the regulations regular public schools must follow.

The first Kentucky charter school is not expected to open until 2018-19.

Proponents say charter schools will give some parents an opportunity to send their children to a school that better serves their children's needs.

Opponents say the new law will result in less funding for traditional public schools that already do not receive adequate support.

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