Commission approves plan for Alabama's 1st charter school

Commission approves plan for Alabama's 1st charter school

 Accel Day and Evening Academy will target students 16 and older who are at risk of dropping out.

The Alabama Public Charter School Commission has approved plans for the state's first charter school. reports that the Mobile Area Education Foundation intends to open the Accel Day and Evening Academy next year. The school will serve students 16 and older who have dropped out or fallen behind.

The academy plans to have an initial enrollment of 300 students and expand to 350 students within five years.

The commission also gave preliminary approval to the SLAM Foundation to start a charter elementary school in Huntsville. Before final approval is granted, the foundation needs to receive clearance from a federal judge because Huntsville schools are under a desegregation order.

An application from Edge Preparatory School to open a charter in Huntsville was rejected because of concerns about the school's financial plan and other issues.

The Alabama Legislature cleared the way for charter schools to open in the state when it passed legislation last year.

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