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Broward County (Fla.) district seeks shakeup in facilities department

Broward County (Fla.) district seeks shakeup in facilities department

Officials say the changes would enable the district to better manage projects approved in last year's $800 million bond request.

The Broward County (Fla.) district has plans to lay off nine employees in its facilities department while creating 16 new positions next year to help oversee an $800 million bond program approved last year by voters.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that the proposed changes come two years after the district carried out a massive housecleaning of the facilities department in response to mismanagement and waste — 45 of the department's 70 employees were let go.

District officials say the latest changes will enable the department to manage future bond projects that will be outsourced to private companies.

The plan eliminates the need for project managers and executive director. Three directors will be hired to oversee pre-construction, construction and overall program controls. Managers under each director will have technical expertise in specific areas. Other maintenance and safety positions will also be added.

In November, voters approved an $800 million bond proposal that will provide funds to repair and renovate aging facilities in the 265,000-student district.

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