The Shelby County Tenn board decides to close 2 schools WMC-TV

The Shelby County (Tenn.) board decides to close 2 schools.

2 schools to close in Shelby County (Tenn.) district

Low enrollment and budget deficit claim careers academy and charter school.

The Shelby County (Tenn.) school board has voted to close down two schools as it works to close a budget deficit.

WMC-TV reports that the Memphis Health Careers Academy and the New Consortium for Law and Business, which has one campus in Memphis and one in Bartlett, will be closed. In the last four years, 20 schools in the district have been closed because of low enrollment or poor performance.

Memphis Health Careers Academy opened in 2008 and had an enrollment goal of 250 students, but only 74 now attend classes there.

The decision to shut down the New Consortium campuses, a district-authorized charter school, was not a surprise. Superintendent Dorsey Hopson had wanted to close it last year because of low enrollment and poor test scores, blut the school received a temporary reprieve.

Hopson said more school closures are likely in the coming years because the district has 27,000 more seats than students.

Video from WMC-TV:

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