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Wisconsin school district brings students under one roof Photo courtesy TCI Architects.

Wisconsin school district brings students under one roof

The Blair-Taylor school district in Blair, Wisc., recently completed additions and renovations to its area schools that will bring all of its students under one roof.

As part of what the district is calling its United Campus, it opened a new 90,000-square-foot facility that includes new classrooms, a new gymnasium, and a new auditorium. The new facility will now hold the entire Blair-Taylor K-12 student population, News 8000 reported.

While the new space will bring all the students together, it is the technological aspects of the project that seems to be most exciting to the students.

"We're able to go one-to-one computing with all of our kids—kindergarten all the way through twelfth grade. Everyone has either an iPad or computer so that's one of the amazing things is we're able to keep our kids moving forward with the ever changing world," Blair-Taylor Elementary school Principal Michael Thomley told News 8000.


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