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Long Beach City College renovation preserves historicity Photo courtesy of the Gazettes.

Long Beach City College renovation preserves historicity

Long Beach City College officially opened two renovated buildings on its Pacific Coast Campus.

The AA and BB buildings have undergone significant renovation, while preserving the historic nature of the buildings. Changes include remodeled classrooms, staff lounges, restrooms, faculty and administration offices, conference rooms, an academic learning center and mailroom, according to the Gazettes. The buildings are also now considered more eco-friendly as a result of water- and energy-saving components.

Nevertheless, the designers worked to preserve the historicity of the buildings.

“It’s wonderful that we were able to keep the historic nature of this building,” Eloy Ortiz Oakley, LBCC’s superintendent-president, said. “This is a wonderful piece of Art Deco history from the city of Long Beach.”

A bond, Measure E local bond, funded the project, which began in May 2013. 

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