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Adams Central School Board hears from task force on facility management Photo courtesy NBC Nebraska.
<p><span style="font-size: 13px; line-height: 20px;">Adams Central School Board hears from task force on facility management.</span></p>

Nebraska district to close three facilities and build a new school (with video)

The Adams Central School Board in Hastings, Neb., has decided to close three existing facilities and to build a new elementary school on the site.

The Adams Central school board unanimously accepted the recommendation from a task force that had been working on solutions for quite some time.

"We picked a broad base of individuals so that no body could say there was too many people from this school or that school so going forward they should carry some weight in our district," School Board President Craig Bengston told NBC Nebraska.

The task force gave consideration to several options, and presented all ideas that held merit—even those not unanimously agreed upon—to the school board.

The decision came after four months and more than 30 hours of meetings and will assist with the school district’s efforts to get a bond issue passed to fund the project.

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