Web Exclusive: Top 10 Lists (Bonus)

Dec. 1, 2012
Top 10 lists from schools and universities around the country

State 4-year graduation rates, 2010-11

Iowa 88% Vermont 87% Wisconsin 87% Indiana 86% Nebraska 86% New Hampshire 86% North Dakota 86% Tennessee 86% Texas 86% Illinois 84% Maine 84%

School districts with the most students enrolled in charter schools, 2011-12

Los Angeles 98,576

New York City 48,057

Detroit 47,086

Philadelphia 46,801

Chicago 44,870

Miami 41,767

Houston 40,549

New Orleans 32,597

Washington, D.C. 31,562

Broward County, Fla. 30,438

Source: National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Ten states with the highest Parent Power Index

Indiana 84.0% Florida 83.0% Ohio 79.0% Arizona 78.0% District of Columbia 77.0% Louisiana 76.0% Pennsylvania 75.5% Utah 75.0% Minnesota 74.5% Wisconsin 74.0% Source: Center for Education Reform

*Parent Power Index "measures the ability in each state of a parent to exercise choices...engage with their local school and board, and have a voice in the systems that surround their child." The index takes into account access to charter schools, school choice and online learning; the level of teacher quality, and the transparency of education data.)

Top Ten finalists for the 2013 Aspen Prize, which honors community colleges for outstanding performance and outstanding improvements.

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