The Durham NC school board wants county officials to place a bond issue on the ballot to address the district39s facility needs WNCN-TV

The Durham (N.C.) school board wants county officials to place a bond issue on the ballot to address the district's facility needs.

Durham (N.C.) district, county commissioners are far apart on school bond plans

District says it has $186 million in facility needs, but Durham County commissioners say they prefer a bond election that asks for $90 million.

Durham (N.C.) Public Schools officials say the district needs $186 million in new and renovated facilities, but Durham County commissioners say they're willing to put a bond issue before voters that provides only about half of that.

WNCN-TV reports that the district needs include two new schools, large-scale renovations to another school, security upgrades, and other improvements such as roofs, paving and lighting.

The County Commission, which must approve a bond proposal before it can appear on the ballot, has indicated it would okay a request of about $90 million. Durham County Board Chairman Michael Page says commissioners are not comfortable investing in a larger bond referendum.

Page also says commissioners question whether it is wise to pursue new construction when some district schools are under-utilized. In contrast, district leaders say that if bond funds are limited, they are leaning toward using the money to build new schools and defer other renovations.

School Board Chair Heidi Carter says that even if the district adjusted attendance areas to fill empty seats, the growth projected in Durham County in the coming years will necessitate new schools soon

Video from WNCN-TV:

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