Denver School Superintendent Tom Boasberg discusses the district39s bond victory CBS Denver

Denver School Superintendent Tom Boasberg discusses the district's bond victory.

Bonds approved in Denver, but rejected in neighboring Jefferson County

Voters in Denver back $628 million facilities proposal, but Jefferson County's $568 million request is defeated.

Voters in Denver have approved a $628 million tax package to build new schools and improve facilities, but in the neighboring Jefferson County (Colo.) school system, voters rejected a $568 million bond proposal.

The Denver Post reports that the Denver bond issue passed by 65.2 percent to 34.8 percent. The Jefferson County proposal was defeated by 53.6 percent to 46.3 percent.

“We are incredibly excited for the window of opportunity these measures will open for our kids,” said Denver School Superintendent Tom Boasberg. “These measures will give our kids and teachers the support they need to grow and reach their full potential.”

Denver’s bond proposal calls for spending $70 million to provide new cooling systems for the district’s 79 schools that have only partial or no air-conditioning. About half of the district's buildings were built before 1969, and the oldest buildings are also among the district’s largest..

Much of the money in Jefferson County's bond request would have enabled the district to build three new elementary schools and replace four others. The district wants to renovate or build additions to 45 schools, and repair and update 110 schools in the 154-school district.The average age of a building in Jefferson County is 45 years.

Video from CBS Denver:

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