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$500 million school bond request will go before New Jersey voters in November

Governor supports more modest proposal after vetoing a proposed $1 billion ballot question.

New Jersey voters will decide in November whether to approve a bond proposal that will provide $500 million for school security improvements, vocational schools expansion and lead remediation. reports that state lawmakers approved the plan after Gov. Phil Murphy vetoed legislation that called for  a larger, $1 billion bond request.

Murphy says he cut the bond amount in half because the state carries huge debt burdens already.

"While I certainly endorse the priorities established in this bill, I also believe that their long-term fiscal implications must be carefully considered," he wrote in his veto message.

If voters approve the bond request on Nov. 6, the money would go toward improving security at K-12 schools, upgrading water infrastructure to protect students from lead, and expanding vocational and county college programs.


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