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University's book bags misspell school's name

As someone who types the word "university" several times a day, it seems, I know how easy it is to misspell it as your fingers fly around the keyboard. Many times, I have had to add an "r" to "univesity" or transpose the letters in "unievrsity" before posting an item on the web. So I have sympathy for Missouri State University in Springfield, which has distributed 6,000 maroon book bags identifying the school as "Missouri State Univeristy." The Springfield News-Leader says the university was at fault for the error--the original artwork for the bag, submitted by Missouri State, had the word misspelled and the university later approved a proof of the artwork sent by the vendor, which contained the misspelling. In addition to the 6,000 bags that the campus bookstore handed out, 2,500 were destroyed after the error was discovered. The remainder of the 17,800 bags the school ordered will have the correct spelling and will be distributed in August.

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