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Temporary K-12 funding boost floated in Colorado

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has pitched a $380 million supplement for K-12 schools that would increase the per-pupil funding by $475, Chalkbeat Colorado reported. The increase, proposed for only the 2015-2016, would not be earmarked for specific purposes.

“I think it’s very positive that Colorado revenues are up and really encouraging that the governor would increase the percent of K-12 funding,” Jane Urschel, deputy executive director of the Colorado Association of School Boards, told Chalkbeat.

“(But) one of the things I know our members have as a priority is continued restoration of dollars on a permanent basis,” Urschel added.

If Hickenlooper’s proposal is approved, higher education would also receive a 14.1 percent funding increase in the same budget.

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