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Task force recommends privatizing part of bus operations in Broward County (Fla.) district

A schools facilities task force in the Broward County (Fla.) district has proposed outsourcing part of its bus service to a private company, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. Superintendent Robert Runcie says outsourcing is a last option and the transportation department needs time to put cost-saving reforms into place. The department had hoped to reduce spending this year by $14 million, but officials now say the savings will amount to only $2.8 million. Officials say the lower-than-expected savings were the result of the district's response to poor service at the beginning of the school year, when thousands of children were left stranded at bus stops and picked up late. After that, the priority became fixing the mess, rather than meeting savings goals.

Earlier: Savings from bus service overhaul fall far short of projections in Broward County district.

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