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Superintendent in Pennsylvania wants to limit participation of 2 board members suing the district

Susquehanna Township (Pa.) School District Superintendent Susan Kegerise has asked a judge to prevent two school board members who have sued the district from taking part in discussions or votes about that lawsuit. The Harrisburg Patriot-News says Kegerise also wants the judge to keep those members from receiving information regarding defense strategy, tactics or settlement of the lawsuit they filed in November. Board Vice President Jesse Rawls Sr. and board member Mark Sussman contend in the suit that Kegerise's contract as superintendent usurps powers and duties that should remain with the school board. The board approved the contract in April by a 6-3 vote. Rawls and Sussman voted against it.

UPDATE: Superintendent Susan Kegerise’s case and other legal actions filed under it have been moved from Dauphin County court to federal court. (The Harrisburg Patriot-News)

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