Schoolhouse Beat

Safety concerns make parents fear school closings in Chicago

As the Chicago school board prepares to decide whether it will close more than 50 elementary schools, The Chicago Sun-Times is looking at how the proposed changes may affect the safety of students who would have to transfer to different campuses.

PART I: Moving schools may force a child to leave one gang's turf and cross the ever-shifting border to another's.

PART II: The district has proposed closing Marconi Community Academy School and sending kids to Tilton Elementary, about half a mile away, where academic performance is stronger. The problem, parents say, will be getting their children safely to Tilton.

PART III: If Kohn Elementary School on the South Side is closed, some of the students will be assigned to Lavizzo Elementary. But parents say the six-plus blocks separating the two schools are falling apart and dangerous for students who would have to walk to Lavizzo.


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