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Man sues after Facebook remarks get him kicked out of nursing school

A nursing student who was booted out of college because of what he posted on his Facebook page is suing to get back into school. The St. Paul Pioneer Press says that Craig Keefe, 37, was a semester away from finishing his studies at Central Lakes College in Brainerd, Minn., when officials at the college found fault with some of Keefe's posts on his private Facebook page and kicked him out of school. The student says no one has told him what the problems were with his posts or how they violated school policy. In the lawsuit Keefe seeks to be reinstated in school and to collect damages from school officials. The suit contends that school officials complained to Keefe that two of his Facebook posts were "disturbing." One supposedly used the phrase "stupid bitch," and the other was "a comment about there not being enough whiskey for anger management."

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