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Schoolhouse Beat

Kansas districts that allow teachers to carry guns may lose insurance coverage

A law that takes effect in Kansas on July 1 gives school districts the authority to allow teachers and other employees with concealed-carry permits to carry guns. But, The Topeka Capital-Journal says, school districts that grant that permission are likely to lose their insurance coverage. EMC Insurance Companies, the state’s main insurer of schools, won’t insure districts with armed employees. Districts already insured by EMC wouldn’t have their policies renewed. The firm has sent a letter to its agents in the state, explaining that concealed carry would pose too great a risk. EMC insures about 90 percent of Kansas’ 286 school districts, a company representative says. The Kansas Association of School Boards says a few districts have expressed interest in taking advantage of the law, but the association is recommending that districts should not use their expanded authority.

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