Editor's Focus
Editor's Focus: Making  the List

Editor's Focus: Making the List

To coincide with the start of each new school year, American School & University releases the AS&U 100. 

Started approximately 15 years ago, the AS&U 100 charts the top school districts and colleges in the United States. In addition to listing the largest institutions in the country, various data about each of the institutions and how they compare are included. 

Among some of the data that you can find for K-12 school districts include enrollment, one-year enrollment change, per-pupil spending, 25-year enrollment change, and more. As has been the trend, suburban districts account for much of the significant enrollment growth as the large urban districts, while still dominating many of the top spots, continue their stagnant or downward enrollment trend.

On the higher-education front, the institutions that make up the top 20 probably are not those that you may think would make the list, especially if you equate larger institutions with big-name sports teams. In fact, the vast majority of the 20 largest may not be familiar names at all. Check out the list on page 17 to see for yourself.

In addition to the data you will find in the pages of this issue, a wealth of additional data and resources are available at www.ASUmag.com in the “web exclusive” section of the website. Among what you will find:

  • An expanded list of the top 200 U.S. school districts and the top 50 higher-education institutions, as well as various data on each.
  • A gallery of the 10 largest school districts with mini profiles of each.
  • State-specific galleries for those states heavily represented in the list, including institutions in Texas, Florida and California.
  • Interactive maps identifying the geographical spread of the various school districts and higher-education institutions making up the list. 
  • A closer look at some of the institutions and the facilities they provide to inspire and challenge students.

Enjoy perusing this year’s list, and be sure to access all of the additional information available to you in the “web exclusive” section of www.ASUmag.com.

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