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3 schools will close in Saginaw (Mich.) district

The Saginaw (Mich.) School District has decided to close three schools: Longfellow Elementary, Jerome Elementary and Arthur Eddy K-8 Academy. The Saginaw News says Jerome Elementary will merge into Merrill Park Elementary, Longfellow Elementary will merge into Houghton Elementary, Arthur Eddy Academy K-5 students will go to Heavenrich Elementary and Arthur Eddy 6-8 students will go to Daniels Middle School. The district needs to cut $9.3 million from its budget this year, and $32.6 million in the next five years as part of a deficit elimination plan. The closings will mean laying off about 64 staff members, 28 of them teachers.

Related: The Saginaw District has to figure out what to do with three more former school buildings. The Saginaw News says the full count will be up to 15 empty buildings by the fall.

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