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3 new charters get approval in Baltimore

The Baltimore City school board has approved plans for three new charter schools to open, including two schools that will be subject to heightened scrutiny. The Baltimore Sun reports that the Lillie May Carroll Jackson School, for girls in grades 5-8, won a smooth approval to open in 2014. But the Green Street Academy, which will serve grades 6-12, had conditions placed on its approval. Approval of its five-year-contract starting in 2014 is contingent on its securing nonprofit status. It also will have to undergo an additional performance review and regular submission of financial records.The Banneker Blake Academy of Sciences and the Arts was approved to open in 2015. The district's charter advisory board had recommended denying the application, but district administrators argued that the school would meet some of the high demand for an all-boys school in East Baltimore. It also will have to undergo heightened academic and financial reviews.

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