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2 New York City students suffer burns from teacher's chemistry experiment (w/Video)

Two 10th-grade students at Beacon High School in New York City were burned when their teacher's chemistry demonstration went awry and exploded. DNA Info New York reports that the teacher was igniting various chemicals in crucibles to show the colors their flames make. A boy and a girl, both 15, suffered burns and were taken to a hospital. The boy was reported in critical condition.

RELATED: Weeks before the Beacon High incident, a federal safety agency issued a video warning of the dangers of the very same experiment, a common one across the country. The New York Times says the United States Chemical Safety Board distributed the video warning to its 60,000 subscribers. The video does not say the demonstration should be banned, but warned that accidents have repeatedly occurred because of the volatile material involved.

Read the Safety Board's message.

View the video:

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