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Construction Zone: A Beautiful Transformation

Construction Zone: A Beautiful Transformation

University of North Texas Music Building, Denton

A redesigned concert hall in the University of North Texas Music Building, Denton, was unveiled this fall, after a $6.4 million renovation to create a more intimate performance space, enhance the acoustics and install state-of-the-art equipment.

Formerly known as the Concert Hall, the performance space has been renamed The Paul Voertman Concert Hall in honor of Denton philanthropist Paul Voertman. With this renovation project, the 625-seat Concert Hall has been converted into a 380-seat hall to fill a need for a smaller performance space to be used for faculty and student recitals, chamber music and smaller ensemble concerts.

The renovation included upgraded mechanical systems, multi-layered walls for sound isolation, a control booth, ticket booth, green room, updated lighting and audio systems, and new restrooms. In addition, two acoustical, adjustable "clouds" have been added to the ceiling of the stage. Lobby renovations include new furnishings, a partially raised ceiling, new lighting and a television monitor for latecomers and to display campus news.

The renovation project team includes WHR Architects (Dallas); Jaffe Holden Acoustics; Schuler Shook, lighting and sound consultants; Purdy McGuire, mechanical/electrical/plumbing; and Byrne, construction services.

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