Alaska Airlines Arena at the University of Washington KOMO-TV

Alaska Airlines Arena at the University of Washington

Alumnus with disabilities sues University of Washington over arena accessibility

Man with muscular dystrophy contends that the Alaska Airlines Arena does not provide equal access to persons with disabilities.

A University of Washington alumnus contends in a lawsuit that the school's basketball venue—Alaska Airlines Arena in Seattledoes not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

KOMO-TV reports that Conrad Reynoldson, who has muscular dystrophy and is a graduate of the UW School of Law, filed the federal lawsuit. He says the arena does not provide equal access to those with disabilities and that it doesn't have adequate seating for persons in wheelchairs.

In addition, the suit alleges that access ramps and parking areas at the arena do not meet accessibility requirements of the ADA.

The suit asserts that all the accessible seats in the arena are in the most expensive sections. Reynoldson says that when he tried to buy basketball tickets for several games, the only wheelchair-accessible seats available were $55, compared with other available seats that were $20.

Video from KOMO-TV:

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