A sign on the door of a newly designated genderneutral bathroom at Roosevelt High School KCCI-TV

A sign on the door of a newly designated gender-neutral bathroom at Roosevelt High School.

High school in Des Moines, Iowa, opens all-gender bathrooms

Two bathrooms at Roosevelt High have been converted to gender-neutral facilities.

Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa, has designated two bathrooms as gender-neutral.

KCCI-TV reports that school administrators decided to convert two separate, single-toilet faculty restrooms in the library into gender-neutral facilities that may be used by students, teachers, or anyone in the school.

“We have a responsibility as the adults in this building to make sure that our students feel included, feel safe,” Principal Kevin Biggs says.

The change came about after student Zoey Wagner proposed the idea.

"Gender-neutral bathrooms are essential to students who are transgender," she says.

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