University of Rochester looks to alternative transportation

University of Rochester looks to alternative transportation

When it comes to sustainability the University of Rochester takes a varied and multifaceted approach. For example, the college has taken measures to increase sustainability in the areas of food conservation, transportation, construction, and student access, among others, according to the Campus Times, the school’s newspaper.

Most recently, the school is focusing on alternative transportation. The school is encouraging students to utilize UR Connections, a program that promotes alternate transportation to reduce emissions and congestion.

“It includes programs such as [car and van] pooling and promotion of the university shuttle services, the RTS system, Zipcar, and the promotion of biking/walking as transportation modes and not just as a recreational activity,” Hugh Kierig, the Director of Parking and Transportation told the Times.

The university is also partnering with the City of Rochester to help bolster its sustainability efforts. One project is developing a bicycle track. The track will make it safer for bike riders to travel outside of traffic lanes. In addition, the department is also working on developing a bike sharing program that would be similar to Zipcar.

“Students can rent a bike at the River Campus and ride it to downtown or to Park Ave, leave it there—there are [designated racks] where you can store the bike—and when you’re ready to ride again you can take another bike and ride it back to campus,” Kierig said in the Times interview. “It would be citywide at a variety of highly concentrated areas that a student would want to go.”

Making bikes available at different areas in the city would distinguish the program from existing bike rental options.

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