Under indictment, former superintendent was still involved in district operations

July 31, 2013
E-mail records show former San Ysidro (Calif.) superintendent Manuel Paul conducting school business even after resigning his position.

A school superintendent under a criminal indictment kept sending email instructions to his staff despite the school board ordering him to stop. NBCSanDiego.com says former San Ysidro (Calif.) District Superintendent Manuel Paul continued emailing staff and issuing directives on how to run the district after being placed on paid administrative leave Jan. 16 and after the board accepted his resignation April 4. Emails show Paul made staffing decisions about new hires; accepted an invitation to represent the San Ysidro district at meeting of area superintendents, and wrote letters of recommendation for departing employees. Paul, 62, resigned after being indicted on charges related to accepting meals over the legal limit from contractors.

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