Montevideo Middle School in Montevideo Minn Montevideo Public Schools

Montevideo Middle School in Montevideo, Minn.

Student, staff members attacked by pit bulls at Minnesota middle school

Three staff members and a student at Montevideo Middle School are bitten; two attacking dogs were shot by police and euthanized.

Three staff members and a student at a Minnesota middle school were bitten Friday morning by two pit bulls that were loose on the campus.

Police responding to the incident at Montevideo Middle School in Montevideo, Minn., shot the two dogs, who were later euthanized, The West Central Tribune reports.

The extent of the injuries from the dog bites has not been disclosed.

The Montevideo Police Department's Facebook page says it was necessary to shoot the dogs to protect those on the school campus. When officers arrived, a child was holding one of the dogs back with his bicycle. That dog was shot when it began to move toward one of the officers.

Montevideo is about 130 miles west of Minneapolis.


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