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How to Delay Active Shooters from Entering Your School

Discover the critical role that glass door and window glazing products play in delaying and deterring active shooters, safeguarding lives, and securing spaces.

This event was originally held on April 16, 2024
and is now available for on demand viewing.
 1 Hour

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Glazing security products such as security window film can help delay active shooters from gaining access to your school buildings – buying precious time for first responders, and potentially saving lives.

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  • Delay or deny an active shooter from entering through glass doors or windows.
  • Understand the difference between security film, polycarbonate, and ballistic glass.
  • Assess your building(s) vulnerabilities based on the Federal Government’s zoned approach.

Plus, learn why security film is recommended by the Final Report of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, the Final Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety, and mandated in multiple states across the country.


Jamie Hamilton
Senior Glazing Security Consultant

Jamie Hamilton is a building perimeter hardening and glazing security expert with over a decade in the security and public safety industry. His experience as a detective affords him insight into the minds of perpetrators and how to best counteract their methods. Jamie serves as a strategic consultant to dozens of campuses, schools, and school districts across the country – ensuring their people and property are protected. Jamie hails from Scotland where he obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Stirling. Jamie’s perspective on safety and security is both insightful and innovative.