Jeff Magee Dean of Engineering Imperial College London from left Peter Childs Director of the Dyson School of Design Engineering James Dyson and Alice Gast President of Imperial College London Photo courtesy of Imperial College London.

Jeff Magee (Dean of Engineering, Imperial College London, from left), Peter Childs (Director of the Dyson School of Design Engineering), James Dyson and Alice Gast (President of Imperial College London)

Dyson College of Engineering announced

This week the Imperial College of London announced the opening of the Dyson School of Design Engineering.

“We want to create engineers who are bold and commercially astute," said James Dyson in introducing the school. "They will use their skills, nurtured in the Dyson School, to develop future technology that will catalyze Britain’s economic growth.”

The Dyson School will be housed on Exhibition Road in a building purchased by Imperial from the Science Museum, thanks to an $18 million donation from the James Dyson Foundation.

The first new engineering department established at Imperial in the last two decades, the Dyson School will teach a four year MEng course in Design Engineering from October 2015. The curriculum, developed in partnership with Dyson engineers to give industry relevance, blends technical discipline with creativity. Industry standard equipment and studio space will enable 400 students to design, prototype, and test new product ideas.

“Design combines the best of technical expertise with creativity and the Dyson School of Design Engineering is uniquely placed to bring these together in its student experience and research," said Professor Alice Gast, president of Imperial College London, in a press release. "Imperial and Dyson passionately share a vision for educating engineers to elicit innovative thinking and problem solving. The James Dyson Foundation’s generous donation, along with Dyson’s industrial expertise, gives us the opportunity to create a world-leading school for a new kind of engineer to design the future.”

The reinvestment of proceeds, approved by the Chancellor, will allow the Science Museum to invest more than $30 million in transforming around a third of the museum over the next five years, including several new permanent galleries.

“Alongside the significant support we receive from our funders and DCMS, this investment will support bold plans for our museum to fire up the imagination of our million young visitors annually, inspiring a new generation of scientists and engineers," said Ian Blatchford, director of the Science Museum, in a press release. "We hope many of them will aspire to study at the Dyson School. This investment of funds is a great win for the UK economy, which needs more engineers to fuel growth.”

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