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Product Solutions

Container lifter

Industrial Lifters

The CD-111 features a single-action hydraulic lifting and tipping mechanism that provides minimal swing-out and requires a smaller footprint for easy siting in confined areas. It is designed to lift and dump from ground level to 84 inches and can be adapted to accommodate non-standard carts and containers. Heavy-duty units are available that can lift up to 3,000 pounds of waste or any other material to overall dump heights of 28 feet.
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CD/DVD duplicators

Octave Systems, Inc.

The 11-drive Copy Master II and the 10-drive Data Safe Copy Master II Pro 10 have been added to the line of user-friendly, tower-style Copy Master II CD/DVD duplicators. New features include a fast copy feature, a hard disk drive partition naming feature, password-protected user accounts for added security, a larger capacity 128 MB buffer memory, auto-counter technology, load and copy, and new copy/reset/speed/source buttons.
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System monitoring


ONYXWorks is a PC-based graphical workstation that integrates fire-alarm systems, security, card access and CCTV into a single point of control. It displays facility floor plans for fire and non-fire reporting, as well as event history. Emergencies are displayed immediately on screen as priority events. It helps responders find the exact location of concern using a detailed map of the building and event location.
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Electronic access control

Kaba Access Control

The E-Plex 2000 series combines the strength, simplicity and reliability of Simplex locks with the enhanced security and convenience of electronic access control. It has 100 access codes and is programmed at the lock keypad without using any software. Installation is easy — there are no wires to, or through, the door. This eliminates the risk of damage from pinched wires.
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Acrylic lighting

Acrilex, Inc.

Acriglo photo-luminescent acrylic sheets for lighting are ideal for applications that require complex formed or fabricated shapes, or impact resistance other than glass. Acriglo reduces breakage, saving time and money. The acrylic lighting is formulated to resist long-term exposure to UV and will not fade or change color over time. It provides illumination without a backup power source during a power outage.
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Watertight sealant


COLORSEAL is a pre-compressed, hybrid, silicone and impregnated foam sealant. Designed for curtainwall and metal cladding systems, as well as structures made of concrete, brick and stone, it overcomes the fatigue and potential cohesion failure of liquid sealants by combining factory-applied and cured silicone bellows with an impregnated expanded foam sealant backing. The silicone used in the product remains pliant, UV stable, and watertight over time and temperature gradient.
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Water cooler

Halsey Taylor

The HVR series of vandal-resistant water coolers meets ADA requirements for children and adults, and is rated for indoor and outdoor service. The coolers are available as a single and bi-level barrier-free unit. Vandal-resistant features include a chrome-plated bubbler, single-action mechanical pushbuttons that require no grasping or twisting, a heavy-duty 16-gauge galvanized frame and pinned torx screws.
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Power monitoring

Schneider Electric

The Square D PowerLogic CM4250 circuit monitor helps maximize power quality and control energy-related costs. Its accuracy is combined with advanced problem-solving features such as anti-aliasing filters that help eliminate false signals and guarantee high-quality readings. The meter offers a full range of power-quality features such as waveform capture, waveshape analysis, disturbance recording and disturbance direction detection.
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Rubber flooring


norament 925 strada is a flooring product inspired by cubist art. The floor covering's cubic surface and tone-in-tone granule design create a distinctive look and ensure slip resistance in compliance with ADA guidelines. Designers can select from 16 standard colors and combine their selections with other norament products to create a coordinated design throughout a facility. It is PVC-free.
Circle 308 for more information

Interactive whiteboard


Standard connectivity options for the ACTIVboard interactive whiteboard have been extended to include Bluetooth. The ACTIVboard offers integrated radio frequency (RF) connectivity to student peripherals for student interaction and whole group formative assessment. It is designed to withstand the rigors of classroom use. Its anti-glare, electromagnetic surface is precise and durable.
Circle 309 for more information

ADA-compliant hand dryer


Two warm-air hand dryers — models 2898 and 2899 — have been added to Bradley's line of washroom accessories. Both surface-mounted units are less than 4 inches deep to conform to ADA protrusion requirements. They feature infrared sensors that activate the dryer when hands are placed 3 to 6 inches below the nozzle for touch-free use. Each unit is universal and automatically adjusts voltage to all power conditions.
Circle 310 for more information

Odor eliminator


OdorXit Concentrate is a mixture of organic salts and oils, and chemically alters odor-causing substances to permanently neutralize them. It is a highly concentrated product that must be diluted with water before use. One ounce makes 30 ounces of solution that will eliminate organic odors in 60 square feet of wood or concrete flooring, or 20 square feet of carpet.
Circle 311 for more information

“Cool” roofing

Met-Tile, Inc.

The metal tile panel roofing system combines all-weather performance and aesthetics with energy savings. It features a Super Series 4800 Super Cool architectural coating system in 10 colors. The coatings have solar reflectivity values ranging from 26 percent to more than 67 percent, meeting ENERGY STAR requirements. The roofing offers a 230-plus mph wind rating and has proven performance in extreme conditions.
Circle 312 for more information

Vinyl flooring


Contract Vinyl is self-covering and heat-weldable with matching or contrasting beads that create a monolithic, watertight and hygienic floor. It is a ⅛-gauge solid vinyl tile that combines the durability of homogenous vinyl with performance for high-traffic areas. Because of the nonporous construction, maintenance is reduced to a minimum, and installation is quick and easy.
Circle 313 for more information

Backpack vacuum


The QuarterVac comes standard with a 3-year motor warranty. It weighs less than 9 pounds and is versatile enough for any vacuuming application. Various attachment kits offer specialized tools for various needs. Ergonomic waist and shoulder straps distribute weight evenly for maximum comfort.
Circle 314 for more information

Emergency phone

Talk-A-Phone Co.

The Model ETP-100MB Emergency Phone is ADA-compliant and can be installed in elevators. It requires no engaged hand usage and is equipped with an LED indicator for the hearing impaired, and raised lettering and Braille characters for patrons with impaired vision. Elevator patrons can use the metal emergency button to place a call for help. The system can use regular phone lines or analog PBX. No auxiliary power or backup battery is required.
Circle 315 for more information

Chair comfort


The Sum chair offering has been expanded to address a wider variety of seating applications including the addition of the conference chair, work stools, a guest chair and a new finish option. The Sum work stool features the AutoFit automatic lumbar system and Avatar 2 weight-activated control. The Sum side chair has a flexing back and soft arm cap option. A polished aluminum base/yoke option is available for all work chairs.
Circle 316 for more information

Patterned carpet

Bentley Prince Street

Blaze and Blinding Light are two complementary grid patterns for carpet that create a modern and complex presentation. Blaze's uniformity is a counterpart to Blinding Light's windowpane structure, matching in form and color. A new, high-luster cationic yarn is the accent that sparkles, achieving contrast. This yarn catches light, while maintaining the depth of color-innovative yarn.
Circle 317 for more information

Fire-alarm system

System Sensor

SpectrAlert SP3 series was created to add high sound-pressure level (SPL) products to System Sensor's product line. SP3 speakers cover less frequency, but because of the greater sound output at every tap setting, fewer speakers can be installed per area. All speakers mount to a standard 4-inch by 4-inch by 2 ⅛-inch backbox, with color-matching screws.
Circle 318 for more information

All-in-one tread


The UNO-TRED is a one-piece tread and riser combination made of solid rubber. Its clean look is possible because there is no separation between the tread and riser, making it a viable option for designers and architects. Its solid rubber allows for long wear, and the circular raised discs add traction. The new look is complemented by the 24-inch by 24-inch UNO-TILE. Twenty-five colors are available for any application.
Circle 319 for more information

Roofing applicator

Carlisle SynTec Inc.

Cured Cover Strips and Curb Wraps recently have been added to Sure-White EPDM Pressure-Sensitive Accessories. Durable and ideal for stripping metal edging, the Cured Cover Strip is available in 6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch lengths. The 20-inch-wide Curb Wrap features 6-inch SecurTAPE, which is manufactured in 50-foot lengths and significantly reduces installation time when addressing roof penetrations.
Circle 320 for more information

Entrance systems


The Rugged Entrance system offers durability for high-traffic areas. Its tubular construction features welded corners with shear block and bolt construction. The system is monumental grade with 3/16-inch wall thickness and a door depth of 2 inches for even more strength. This system is 30 percent heavier than standard doors and high-bottom rails to meet all state codes.
Circle 321 for more information

Vinyl tile

Roppe Corp.

SafeTcork Vinyl Tile is a smooth finish tile available in six colors with a coordinating white marbled design. It is a highly durable formulation of solid vinyl and cork. It is self-coving and self-waxing for easy maintenance, and has life-cycle costs comparable to rubber. It also features built-in antimicrobial agents, which inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, meeting ASTM G-21 standards.
Circle 322 for more information

Electronic ballasts


Optanium 2.0 high-efficiency electronic ballasts with IntelliVolt multi-voltage technology incorporate Advance's True Performance Technology engineering and optimize lumen-per-watt performance, enabling T8 lighting systems to reach their full potential. Features such as anti-striation circuitry, lamp end-of-life protection, and anti-arcing technology enhance safety and minimize maintenance concerns. The ballasts can help reduce energy consumption by 20 to 30 percent compared with conventional T8 lamps and electronic ballasts.
Circle 323 for more information

Exterior cladding

Metal composite materials can bend, curve and join together to offer a variety of design options

The Metal Initiative

Clayton College and State University in Morrow, Ga., dedicated a new $19 million university center in November. The structure needed to accommodate a student body that has increased by almost 40 percent over the past four years and continues to grow.

The architect selected aluminum composite material (ACM) for the fascia of the building to distinguish it from neighboring structures, which have project masonry and brick facades. They also opted for ACM because the panels can be shaped to meet intricate design schemes. In all, about 20,000 square feet of fire-rated, 4-millimeter-thick ACM panels in a platinum finish were installed along the exterior and interior walls, the entrance canopy and column covers. A platinum finish allowed the ACM panels to match the exterior surfaces clad with aluminum curtainwall.

One of the more difficult parts of the fabrication process was the central, curved structure that forms the nucleus of the building. The exterior wall enclosing the front atrium curves inside the building, and the transition from the exterior curtainwall and metal panel wall to the panel-clad interior wall was complicated. Inside the atrium, some of the column covers had to be fabricated as ovals rather than rounds, while others rise almost 50 feet in the air. The ACM material eased the fabrication of these intricate shapes.
Circle 324 for more\asu

Connecting building systems

Single user interface permits school district to monitor all building systems from a central location

Siemens Building Technologies

The Conway School District, Conway, N.H., consists of four school buildings that accommodate about 2,100 students from seven towns. Because of its remote location, the district often had received unreliable service from vendors.

About 10 years ago, Siemens installed a direct digital control building management system to improve classroom air quality and established a relationship with the district. Since then, Siemens has taken on several projects for the district, including a card-access system and an integrated system with a single APOGEE user interface.

The district passed a bond that allowed it to build a new high school and convert the existing high school into a middle school. The district's main concern was the conversion of all of the systems because the four school buildings are scattered three to five miles apart.

Siemens will be providing an integrated approach that includes private ethernet with building automation, fire, CCTV, security, master clock and intercom systems. The single user interface will ensure that all of these systems can communicate and be monitored from one central location. This system could result in $50,000 savings on installation because the district has a sole provider instead of various vendors. Other benefits include a more unified construction team, a more efficient and controlled construction process, and simplified maintenance.
Circle 325 for more\asu

Slam dunk for fund raising

Virtual video tour aids college in its mission to gain donors

AniMagic Productions Inc.

Berry College, Mount Berry, Ga., is raising funds for a $28.5 million capital campaign. The college is using its mascot, Victor the Viking, in a virtual tour video that showcases the planned Cage Center, which is the final priority in the college's overall $100 million Century Campaign.

Victor the Viking brings a playful tone to the virtual tour as it guides donors through the Cage Center's fitness area, natatorium, student lounges, president's suite and performance gym. The gym is shown in two different configurations to highlight its versatility. In one scene, virtual basketball players entertain hundreds of cheering spectators. In another, three virtual volleyball games are played side by side simultaneously. These techniques add energy and realism to the spaces, giving donors a preview of the future.

“Our video brings our center to life for campaign prospects,” says Karilon Rogers, public relations director. “We have had 100 percent positive feedback from donors to date, and fundraising results have been stronger than anticipated.”

The college also is using other multimedia tools to maximize donor interest in the campaign, including Internet-ready media for its website, single images for print use and a physical model for display on campus.
Circle 326 for more\asu

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