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Product Application: New technology deters thieves

In today's world, schools and universities often must take extra precautions to guard against the theft of valuable materials and equipment. With a good asset-tracking system in place, schools can prevent these losses. A stolen item can be tracked and easily recovered.

Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., has recently installed a security system to address thefts there. The WaPac Tracker NT from Synergistics works by identifying property entering or leaving secured areas and verifying that the person carrying the property is authorized to do so. If a valid asset tag does not accompany an item, an "asset alarm" condition occurs, and an alarm will sound at the console.

The tracker can read asset tags from up to nine feet away and can be placed in a doorway, embedded in the floor or hidden under a rug.

Hofstra is using the tracking system for laptop computers and workstations in technology laboratories. Before the system was installed, the university had been experiencing several computer thefts, says Brian O'Toole, Hofstra's business technology coordinator.

The tracker "not only accounts for all of our equipment, but also proves to be a great deterrent to thieves," says O'Toole. "It was worth the investment tenfold."

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