Office Equipment/Communications Systems Product Solutions

Desktop calculator


Deskcalc v.3 is a full-featured memory calculator and tape adding machine for Windows. Numbers and calculations are displayed on the screen in traditional calculator tape format or as a simple spreadsheet. Calculations can be exported to Excel or any other spreadsheet for further analysis. Users can input complex expressions, convert between currencies, and calculate sales tax or VAT.
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Folder/inserter system


The SI 82 folder/inserter for college and university mailings is designed to fulfill multiple applications at a high rate of speed. It can fill up to 4,200 envelopes per hour or 80,000 mail pieces per month. It features Neopost's user-friendly Load 'N Go technology. The system's Secure 'N Feed technology verifies the thickness of each document electromechanically to ensure that the proper number of pages is included in each piece.
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Student information system

ACE Software

A mobile tool for the ADM2000 Student Information System software allows principals and administrators to access critical data about students at any time from anywhere. The ADM2000 Principalm with a Palm OS-based PDA provides secure, mobile access to information such as emergency phone numbers, schedules (sorted by period or teacher), homeroom teacher and room, and counselor name. It also gives attendance details, locker number and combination, and other information instantly, along with the student's photo.
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Labeling software

K-Sun Corporation

The K-Sun LABELShop 2010-PC and MaxiLabel V2 Windows software allows users to design and print professional labels in-house and on-demand for a variety of applications. The software includes more than 600 general industrial and office symbols. Users also can import their own graphics and images into label designs using drag-and-drop functions. Labels can be designed and printed one at a time or in batches.
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Currency counter

The Hedman Company

The HC 150 Series Currency Counter has a compact, attractive design and counts 1,000 to 1,500 notes per minute. The HC 150UVMG provides highly accurate counterfeit detection. The size detection feature stops the counter instantly and issues an alarm when unusual currency with a 3mm differentiation from preset standards is identified. The unit is self-diagnostic for easy maintenance.
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Paper cutter

Security Engineered Machinery

The guillotines feature a sturdy metal base and hardened trimmer blades. Multiple sheets of paper are locked into position to prevent slipping. A plexiglass safety shield protects users' hands and fingers. The rotary trimmers feature a smooth-running trimmer head with a rotary ground circular blade, which is re-sharpened after each pass by a ground counter-blade on the base plate.
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Digitizing documents

Scanning documents and eliminating paper increases workflow efficiency and reduces storage needs

Perceptive Software, Inc.

At the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the admissions, registrar, financial aid, academic advising and other offices once operated amid a steady flow of paperwork, creating inefficiencies for students and staff. However, university leaders recognized a way to better meet students' changing needs while keeping pace with the technological evolution within higher education.

The university devised a strategy to eliminate time-consuming paper processes, improve accessibility to documents among the departments and create a virtually paperless environment. Its catalyst for change was ImageNow document imaging, management and workflow. By seamlessly integrating ImageNow with the existing student information system, authorized university staff quickly and easily capture, search, view and interact with documents such as institutional applications, transcripts and course changes at the moment they need them, from almost anywhere.

For the admissions office, responding to academic inquiries now takes just minutes instead of days. The financial aid office accelerates award approvals and student notification. The automated system fulfills federal regulatory compliance for security and archival, making burdensome paper storage obsolete.

Ultimately, university leaders envision a campuswide document-management system that will support student service activities from admission through the alumni years.
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E-purchasing solution

PDF-formatted purchase orders help district modernize and control costs


Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD), Texas, must keep a close eye on costs while working to modernize the district's core processes and IT systems. Several years ago, administrators discovered a need for an electronic purchase-order solution. At the time, the district found dozens of vendors providing e-solutions in the education sector, but few that had relevant experience. CCISD set out to find the right solution.

The traditional purchase-order process at CCISD required printing a five-sheet, multi-part form that was manually separated and distributed via mail and interoffice post. While the district already had digitized the requisition process, the purchasing process lacked the software to interface with the main system and efficiently produce an e-purchase order. The district's director of purchasing and distribution, Ricardo Rodriguez, initially estimated that the district faced $60,000 in customized programming costs to integrate the two systems properly.

After assessing the current process, IKON recommended deploying a variable-content document production and distribution solution to integrate the systems. This resulted in PDF-formatted purchase orders that could be distributed to relevant parties via lower-cost mechanisms such as fax and e-mail.
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