New Products

Water-treatment system

Kinetco is offering the Quad series of automatic, high-efficiency, non-electric water-treatment systems. The systems remove hardness and filter water to eliminate chlorine, as well as taste and odor problems. Maintenance is simplified by the system's design, containing resin and carbon in separate tanks.

Ceiling panels

Armstrong World Industries offers i-ceilings wireless systems, an in-building wireless system that integrates antennas with acoustical ceilings to enable coverage for wireless communications. A suite of antennas is embedded in the ceiling panel itself for voice and data connections. The ceiling integrates technology and design by eliminating surface-mounted antennas and adding connectivity to the infrastructure of the building.

Pedestrian sweeper

The PS300 pedestrian sweeper is available from MADVAC. Features of the sweeper include a single button for the lowering/raising and turning on/off of brushes; straight-through suction with no fan to jam; two self-leveling brushes; two-micron dust-filtering system; and 60-gallon litter capacity.

Shade protector

Shade Structures offers its UV Shade Protector. The modular unit is composed of galvanized powder-coated Allied Flo-coat steel, and is designed to withstand 80-mph winds and block up to 95 percent of ultraviolet rays. Uses include covering for playground equipment, outdoor eating areas, pool areas and sporting events.

Insulating blinds

Therm-O-Lite offers Window Accessory Blinds. The blinds are an alternative to full window replacement because they are installed inside a facility's existing window. The space between the existing and new pane of glass is used for insertion of the WACI blinds. The blinds and the thermal pocket of air reduce summer solar heat gain and eliminate air filtration.

Residence hall

GE Capital Modular Space is offering a modular residence hall. The company arranges for parallel manufacturing of modular units and site preparation. Schools can use the prototype to shorten the planning phase and accelerate the building and installation. Designed to meet applicable building codes, the prototype, which can be customized, is 21,000 square feet and can accommodate 75 students.

Modular seating

Wieland Furniture offers the Loop Seating Series. The modular seating solution offers inside and outside wedge-seating units. The ergonomic form of the loop provides unlimited seating options and can be transformed from right angles into arcs. Three styles of chairs include upholstered arms, tubular arms and an armless design.

Anti-slip coating

Stop-Slip HDV is available from Garon. The anti-slip coating provides traction and resistance to chemicals and wear. The peak and valley profile prevents hydroplaning, even when the surface is wet.

Roofing system

Honeywell offers the Millennium roofing system. The Millennium products are made of polymer-enhanced coal tar that resists harsh environments, such as ponded water, aging, ultraviolet radiation and chemicals.

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