New Products

Classroom sink ( Bradley Corporation)

The Terreon Classroom Sink is an all-in-one unit consisting of a solid-surface countertop with an integral sink, covered backsplash, gooseneck faucet and drinking fountain. It includes built-in waste-receptacle openings that serve as a space saver.

Primer solutions ( The Sherwin-Williams Company)

Developed specifically for use with deep tones and vivid accent colors, the Color-Prime Primer System delivers the solution to topcoat-hide, touch-ups and color-accuracy issues. The system enables colors to become bolder and brighter with fewer coats.

Stacking chair ( La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture Group)

A new line of task seating, the Clipper Collection, and series of stacking/nesting chairs, the Trillipse Collection is available. The stacking/nesting chair collection features retractable ganging brackets on some versions, and storage trays mounted to the bottom of the chairs on other models. The Clipper Collection of managerial task chairs features a synchronized seat and back, which recline to support various degrees of relaxed and alert activities.

Frame system ( Accent Signage Systems)

The Aluminum Frame System adds a choice of metal frame finishes and custom sizing for ADA signs. The 100 series edge design features a thin profile, 1/16-inch edge. The 200 series design uses a 3/16-inch radius edge. The sign insert fits into the frame using a simple snap-lock mechanism.

ID cards ( IDenticard Systems)

The new Impressions digital imaging system is the first of a series of new products that make up the renaissance suite of security identification applications. The system offers complete control over image adjustment, from how the image or photo is captured, to intricate graphic details. Other features include photo-capture and signature capabilities, transparent photo display and advanced forms design for screens and card design.

Office furniture ( DRG International)

The new MACsys2 line of ready-to-assemble framing takes office furniture systems to the next level via a redesigned, standards-compliant, plug-and-play lay-in cabling-management system for increased cabling capability, more pathway options and easier access. It allows shelving, bins and walls to be placed where needed instead of being dictated by structural considerations.

Lock standards ( The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association)

A new edition of its American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A156.5 standard for auxiliary locks and associated products has been released. It now contains requirements for auxiliary bored and mortise locks, rim locks, cylinders and pushbutton mechanisms, and includes security tests, finish tests and dimensional criteria.

Dry-erase wallcovering ( Walltalkers)

Koro•rite dry-erase wallcovering is offered in 12 colors. The covering transforms any wall into an attractive presentation surface with the look of traditional wallcovering.

Door packages ( Larco)

Automatic door entrance/exit packages are available to accommodate any automatic door style. The packages, which are designed to accommodate sliding doors, folding doors and swing doors, include everything necessary for a safe, reliable installation.

Access-control device ( Sargent)

A new line of low-profile access-control devices has electromechanical locks with keypad only, proximity only or keypad and proximity for the highest level of security and flexibility. They are available in bored-in locks, mortise locks and exit devices in nine architectural finishes and several lever designs.

ADA-approved buildings ( Porta-King Building Systems)

Without sacrificing aesthetic or functional requirements, these pre-assembled buildings, including restroom models, can be modified to meet ADA requirements.

Floor-care system ( Kaivac)

A new comprehensive floor-care system, KaiMotion — Flawless Waxing & More, allows the operator to simply but accurately meter the amount of floor finish that is applied to the floor. In addition to floor waxing, the machine can be used for floor stripping, finishing gym floors and degreasing kitchens.

Sidewall sprinkler ( The Viking Corporation)

The Quick Response Concealed Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler provides safety while minimizing the potential for aesthetic intrusion or sprinkler-head damage.

Scrub efficiently ( Windsor)

The compact design of Saber Compact 17 floor scrubber makes scrubbing small areas more efficient compared with the traditional methods using a mop, bucket and wringer.

Spill kit ( Sorbent Products Company)

The Economy Spill Kit has 10 pads, two socks, gloves, instructions and a disposal bag packaged together in a yellow PVC bag with handles.

Voltage monitors ( SymCom)

MotorSaver Models 355 and 455 Three Phase Voltage Monitors provide protection from incoming power problems by sensing the power supply to the motor.

Radio callbox ( Ritron)

The Quick Talk OutPost XT Callbox provides two-way wireless communication at any fixed location. The reinforced fiberglass enclosure of the callbox features a stainless-steel faceplate that is secured with tamper-resistant fasteners and a sealed, stainless-steel push-to-talk button. The one-channel, one-watt box is a programmable, synthesized VHF or UHF transceiver.

Upholstery fabric ( Carnegie)

Xorel “Vision,” a translucent textile that is PVC-free and plasticizer-free with low VOCs, is easy to maintain and durable. Xorel is solution-dyed and flame-retardant, no chemical treatments are required. The fabrics are backed with a seven-year performance warranty, and standard and custom color and design possibilities are offered.

Rubber treads ( Musson Rubber)

Raised-design rubber treads are available in surface patterns of disc, diamond or square shapes. All are molded in thick, flame-resistant solid rubber with marbleized or plain texture. Matching floor tile and coved risers complete the flooring system.

Hot extractor ( U.S. Products)

The HHP-300 keeps water heated to 212°F at the wand tip and can maintain up to 300 PSI. The extractor removes 70 percent more spots and stains than regular extractors. Its low-moisture design helps carpets dry faster. Features include adjustable, regulated heat, 300 PSI solution-application pressure, enough vacuum suction and water life to thoroughly remove soiled solution, and large holding and recovery tanks to reduce refilling and emptying.

Roofing system ( Honeywell Commercial Roofing Systems)

The Infinitee system consists of polymer-modified asphalt membranes, which are engineered and assembled for greater performance. The modified bituminous systems can be mop-, touch- or cold-applied and are ideal for modern and traditional building designs. The complete assembly consists of two or three plies of glass fiber felts, set in steep asphalt for system redundancy and long-term reliability.

Fire protection ( Technical Glass Products)

The Pilkington Pyrostop fire-rated, impact safety-rated, and transparent wall panel blocks the transfer of radiant and conductive heat. While providing an alternative to using solid wall, areas such as stairwells and elevator lobbies can be protected from the spread of heat, smoke and flames that are produced in fires.

Wireless security ( KP Electronics)

The standard ATS100 subscriber transmitter is a two-frequency transmitter for higher security wireless networks. It is used with new firmware to provide service on two frequencies simultaneously. The model is in UHF or VHF band with eight inputs for dry closure or voltage.

Equipment shelters ( Precision Quincy)

Model XP exposed aggregate communication equipment shelters are lightweight, maintenance-free and vandal-resistant. The modular shelters in dozens of standard sizes and configurations can be customized to your specifications. Options include bulletproofing and alarm systems.

Media display ( Shuredecor Manufacturing Company)

The Media Center provides a double-sided display area that provides specific areas for CDs and videos. Combining wood and metal for an attractive alternative to standard displays, giant headphones are incorporated into the design to gain more attention.

Remote monitoring systems ( Phonetics)

Designed for all Sensaphone products, the Phonecell SX3e Cellular Phone equips monitoring systems with cellular technology to enable system-to-personnel communications from areas not easily accessible to landline telephone service. The accessory plugs directly into the Sensaphone unit, and works similar to systems that use traditional telephone services. It comes complete with the cellular phone and adapter, can be powered by battery, and offers three watts of power.

Door hardware ( Detex)

The Value Series panic and fire-exit hardware is now available. The product series features alarmed and non-alarmed rim exit devices. All models in the series are UL-listed as grade 1 panic hardware devices, signifying that they have exceeded the test for 500,000 push cycles without fail. Three-hour fire-rated models also are available.

Self-contained keypad ( Securitron)

The DK-11 is a one-piece unit furnished on a stainless-steel single-gang plate. It can release any type of electric strike or electric clock for controlled entry. The DK-11 supports four user codes of two to seven digits in length, and a program code that allows quick-code change from the keypad without the need to access the keypad electronics. It retains code memory in a power failure without the use of batteries.

Time system ( Primex)

The world's first wireless master/satellite time system uses wireless technology to automatically synchronize all clocks in a system to the exact same time every day. The FCC-compliant Wireless master receiver/transmitter captures the time signal from the official U.S. atomic clock maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and broadcasts that time via a localized radio signal to all of the satellite system clocks.

Outdoor lighting ( Quality Lighting)

Redesigned FLV-7 and FLV-10, high-performance, architectural outdoor floodlighting luminaries provide a wide range of illumination effects, with multifaceted reflector systems from narrow highlighting to broad washes of light. Both models are corrosion-resistant, marine-grade die-cast aluminum-alloy housing, with stainless-steel hardware.

Laundry system ( Speed Queen)

CardMaster Plus equipment and NetMaster System are available on top and frontloading washers, as well as matching single-load and stacked dryers. CardMate Plus smart-card products offer a cashless solution. The NetMaster System lets the route operator quickly and easily program and reprogram the laundry equipment through the use of a microwand or personal computer.

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