Market Watch: Class Size

High-school students believe that reducing the number of pupils in each class is the best way to improve schools, according to a survey by the Horatio Alger Association.

The survey asked students to choose which methods they felt would improve education. Reducing class size was favored by 64 percent; 56 percent said greater access to computers and the Internet would boost schools; 52 percent favored a plan backed by President Bush to allow students in failing schools to receive funds for private tutoring or to transfer to better schools; and 46 percent said better teacher salaries would improve schools. Only 7 percent of students believed lengthening the school day or school year would help.

Other results: Three-fourths of students said teachers and administrators have taken all the necessary steps to make them feel safe. More than a quarter said a lack of parental involvement was the biggest cause of violence in schools.

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