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March 2012 Green Product Solutions

Showcasing sustainability

Green roof installation tops off Applied Technology Center

LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System. Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) offers opportunities for more than 32,000 students annually. It holds classes on its downtown campus in Grand Rapids, Mich., as well as other locations.

GRCC regards sustainability as a crucial form of innovation that provides a framework by which the college can improve the well-being of all living things and the health of the planet through education, modeling best practices, networking with other institutions, and discovering and developing new methods. A Sustainability Advisory Council (made up of faculty, staff, administration and students) supports efforts to develop curriculum that challenges students to apply learning and adopt sustainable practices into their daily lives, integrate sustainability through facilities management and operations, and encourage meaningful, long-term community engagement.

One of the most visible manifestations of GRCC’s commitment to sustainability is the Applied Technology Center green roof. GRCC undertook extensive research before specifying a green roof system.

“The green roof is important for its practical benefits—protecting the waterproof membrane to extend its service life, insulating the roof to reduce building energy use, reducing stormwater runoff,” says Jim Van Dokkumburg, director of facilities planning and projects. “More than that, by incorporating access and signage into the project, it becomes a showcase for education on sustainability.”

The green roof has two sections. The high roof area is the main section and has access via a rooftop observation deck. The lower section is a terrace and features green roof plants in large planters. It offers outdoor seating for people to enjoy meals from GRCC’s Secchia Institute for Culinary Education.

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Eco-friendly flooring

Tandus Flooring. The Change Collection, 100 percent sustainable, is available with a variety of eco-friendly backings with 26 to 59 percent recycled content. These are SCS-certified for low-VOCs, NSF/ANSI 140 platinum certified for sustainability and SCS-certified recycled content. The design is inspired by what happens on the manufacturing line when one pattern is transitioned to the next. This space in between, called the change-over, is an area of spontaneous artform where textures, patterns, colors and scales morph and evolve. The Powerbond hybrid resilient format lasts more than 25 years, making it ideal for educational spaces.

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High-efficiency rooftop units

Lennox. New Energence rooftop units offer higher efficiency levels above their L Series predecessors, with up to an 8 percent improvement in EER and a 10 percent improvement in IEER efficiency ratings. They are available in 20-ton gas/electric and electric/electric variable air volume (VAV) models, as well as 25-ton and 30-ton gas/electric and electric/electric constant air volume (CAV) and VAV models. Most new models exceed the Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 2 standards.

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Smart energy meters

E-mon. Four new Smart Meter Class device meters offer built-in communications, advanced energy information—and expanded communications functions. In addition to recently completing requirements for UL/CUL listing, the meters were certified by an independent testing lab as meeting ANSI C12.20 national accuracy standards of ±0.2 percent from 1 to 100 percent of rated load. Three of the meters—the Class 3400, 5000 and Green Class Net Meter—offer simultaneous dual-protocol communications for integration with multiple BAS systems, billing packages or M&V reporting.

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Ceiling and cabinet exhaust fans

Greenheck. Model SP and CSP centrifugal ceiling and cabinet exhaust fans, designed for clean-air applications requiring low sound levels, are featured in an updated 24-page catalog. AMCA-certified and ENERGY STAR-rated fan models are highlighted, along with new grilles and lighted grille lens options. The catalog includes standard construction features, detailed configurations, control, filters and discharge accessories information and typical specifications.

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Access floor tiles

Amtico International. The new Spacia Access collection features new colors and a new product formulation that is installed in a loose lay system with the use of a tackifier in place of adhesive. The luxury vinyl tiles can be used with any type of access floor system or laid over existing hard surfaces. A water-based, solvent-free tackifier speeds installation and enables tiles to be removed and replaced easily for access to underfloor cabling and electrical wires. The product’s backing is made up of 100 percent post-industrial recycled content and is FloorScore-certified.

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Insulation adhesive

Garland. New InsulLock E HR roof insulation adhesive is a highly elastomeric, one-step, VOC-compliant, foamable adhesive that sets in minutes and contains no solvents. It establishes a new industry standard for the incorporation of rapidly renewable content, with such content making up 45 percent of its formulation. InsulLock E HR adhesive provides all the benefits of a two-component urethane adhesive with none of the worries, featuring a unique packaging construction that eliminates the risk of improper mixing through the use of special static mixing nozzles.

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