Students line up to enter the Tisbury School in Martha39s Vineyard Mass Photo by Mark Lovewell, courtesy of the Vineyard Gazette.
<p>Students line up to enter the Tisbury School in Martha&#39;s Vineyard, Mass.</p>

Aging Martha’s Vineyard elementary school faces renovation challenges

Supporters of the Tisbury School, the oldest elementary school building on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., are hoping for success in a second attempt to obtain funding for badly needed renovations. Built in 1929, the school last year served 324 students in grades K-8. The Tisbury school committee applied last year to receive funding from the Massachusetts State Building Association, but learned in December that it had not made the list to receive money from the organization, according to the Vineyard Gazette.

The committee is now fomenting community support for a second bid but must navigate considerable debate over whether the existing building needs to be expanded, should exist within its current footprint, or should simply be abandoned in favor of constructing a new school at a different site.

A new roof was installed on the Tisbury building as a stopgap measure last fall. Additional needed work includes updating the school’s HVAC system, adding space for English Language Learner programs, adding a new kitchen and cafeteria, and integrating additional classroom space. An up-to-date price tag for the proposed work was not available, but cost estimates in the wake of a 2012 feasibility study placed the bill at around $40 million, according to the Vineyard Gazette.

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