Miriam B. and James J. Mulva Library

Jan. 1, 2010
KI creates interactive and collaborative learning spaces at St. Norbert College.

In more than 100 years, St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis., never had a dedicated library building. Library space was situated within existing buildings with the latest housed in a remodeled residence hall. To stay competitive in the education marketplace, the college determined that students deserved a state-of-the-art library that expands the college's tradition of excellence — especially since a new library often acts as a deciding factor for prospective students and faculty.

That's where KI came in.

KI responded to the challenge with a focus on new trends in learning, blending the social and academic aspects and shifting toward more interactive communication. KI provided the flexible, attractive furniture to make it happen, and the new Miriam B. and James J. Mulva Library was transformed to feature a variety of spaces to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff. In fact, most spaces now feature mobile furniture, and all areas enable collaborative, interactive learning.

In the Information Center, workstations support collaboration space for two or three students per computer monitor, as well as individual computing. Casual lounge furniture has pull bars for easy movement, and tablet arms enable students to use their learning tools while in informal or group study settings. Spacesaver high-density shelving increases material storage capacity.

The new Mulva Library provides an educational environment that is intellectually, spiritually and personally challenging. The design exemplifies new paradigms in libraries as learning spaces. It is interactive and collaborative, promoting group gathering and knowledge sharing. Each space within the library encourages creative thinking.

The result is a library that features a variety of gathering places for library patrons, more computer spaces and 50 percent more materials storage. It offers a full range of 21st-century technological capabilities, from wireless Internet access to meeting rooms equipped for multimedia. It now conveys an open, adaptive environment that is flexible and accommodating.
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