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willowridgehigh KTRK-TV
Willowridge High School in the Fort Bend district has reopened.

Texas high school reopens after months of mold remediation

Willowridge High in the Fort Bend district was shut down and students were relocated last summer because of mold contamination.

After mold contamination forced students to relocate from Willowridge High School in the Fort Bend (Texas) district, students have returned to their home campus for classes.

KTRK-TV reports that the mold growth was discovered at the school's Houston campus during the summer—before Hurricane Harvey.

"For many of our students and staff members, the move back to 'The Ridge' will be a return to life as we know it," said Willowridge Principal Thomas Graham, Jr. in a letter to the community. "But it also marks a new beginning for our freshmen and new members of our team. Our Eagles will enjoy attending school at their own campus and reconnecting with their peers in a newly restored campus."

Officials say a failure in the air conditioning system created increased humidity, which enabled mold to grow. While the repairs were made, students attended classes at Marshall High School.

Graham says workers have removed the mold and sanitized the building.

"They have replaced ceiling tiles, wall coverings, and flooring," he says. "Our campus is receiving new wall murals, graphics, and fresh paint throughout. We are also in the process of moving in new student desks, worktables, technology equipment, and instructional materials back into classrooms and offices."

Some minor HVAC work and repairs to the gym floor still need to be completed, Graham says.

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