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Xenia (Ohio) district receives nearly $38 million from the state for facility upgrades

July 8, 2022
The funding from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission will help the district build Warner Middle School and renovate Xenia High School.

The Xenia (Ohio) district is receiving nearly $38 million from the state for several construction projects. 

The funds will help the district build Warner Middle School and renovate and expand Xenia High School, reports The Dayton Daily News

Xenia High School was built in the 1970s and needs significant infrastructure work after nearly 50 years, the district said.

The new Warner Middle School is still in its early design phase.

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission awarded the funds through the Classroom Facilities Assistance Program. The state's share is $37,869,769 and the Xenia district is contributing $44 million.

As part of that program, the Xenia district will receive about $20 million more from the state than it would have if it had pursued a different path for state funding.

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