Neighborhood objects to pedestrian bridge between 2 Los Angeles schools

July 5, 2012
$3.2 million bridge will enable students to travel more safely between the schools

From The Los Angeles Daily News: With the foundation about to be poured for a pedestrian bridge linking Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles to a new middle school across Arleta Avenue, a community group is objecting to the $3.2 million cost. The bridge is part of Valley Region Middle School No. 3, a $50 million campus. The 600-seat school is set to open this winter and will include a learning center for ninth-graders that is designed to ease crowding at adjacent Poly High. Because the ninth-graders will still have classes at Poly, the 200-foot-long bridge will provide an elevated pathway between the two schools. The Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council, however, believes that a system of traditional crosswalks, or even the installation of new traffic signals near the schools, would be cheaper and just as effective.

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