Illinois district fires school bus driver who was drunk on the job

March 19, 2010
Mount Prospect board also dismisses transportation coordinator

From The Chicago Tribune: School officials in Mount Prospect, Ill., have fired the bus driver who was allegedly drunk while 50 students were aboard, and also fired the district's transportation coordinator, who failed to remove her from the route despite allegations of alcohol use. Betty Burden, 54, was arrested last week after failing a field sobriety test and admitting to drinking alcohol. Her blood-alcohol content was 0.226 percent, more than three times the legal limit for most drivers. Transportation coordinator Vince Ramirez, who allowed Burden to continue her route despite reports on two separate days of suspected alcohol use, also was fired.

Earlier...from The Daily Herald: Officials with Mount Prospect (Ill.) Elementary District 57 are reviewing whether they should have stopped bus driver Betty Burden from going out on her route after being told by one of Burden's co-workers that she smelled of alcohol. Parents want more answers about why the driver was allowed to transport 50 students after administrators were warned she smelled of liquor. Stopped by police after she took the students home, Burden had a blood-alcohol concentration of .230 percent.

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