Students Want to use More Education Technology

"Learn Now, Lecture Later," a survey by CDW-G, a technology company, found that only 23 percent of students are very satisfied with the way their teachers spend class time. Those very satisfied students report their teachers are heavy users of technology—81 percent use technology for independent study; 76 percent for hands-on projects: 76 percent for group projects; 69 percent for distance/virtual learning; and 43 percent for one-on-one tutoring.

Asked how they are being taught, 53 percent of students named the traditional lecture model; but when asked how they want to learn, only 38 percent answered "lectures." Students say they want more hands-on projects (17 percent want to learn that way, but only 11 percent are getting that kind of instruction), and one-on-one-tutoring (8 percent want it, but only 3 percent get it).

The survey polled 1,015 students, faculty and information technology staff at high schools and colleges.

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