Steve Jobs et al. and Education Technology (with Related Video)

Steve Jobs—the visionary behind such revolutionary companies as Apple and Pixar—has left an indelible mark on business, communications, entertainment and many other aspects of our daily lives.

Although his genius, passion and innovative spirit will be sorely missed with his passing earlier this month, the impact he has had will continue to resonate for generations to come. Among the many areas that have benefitted from Jobs’ vision is education. He and fellow technology mavens have heavily influenced today’s education landscape.

From the laptops, PDAs, tablets and other tools being incorporated into the classroom, to Facebook, Twitter and other forms of electronic social interaction and communication, the technology being created today is transforming how education takes place and the way schools and universities operate and communicate.

This month’s cover story explores how technology and social media are being used by schools and universities, and how it is changing education as we know it (see p. 10). Whether in the classroom, the administrative office, around campus or miles away from physical facilities, technology and social media tools are impacting all aspects of education institutions.

The progress made and tools created by Jobs and other technology leaders will continue to transform education—and lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s technology innovators.

Related Video

On Steve Jobs and his Impact on Education:

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