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Interiors With Purpose: 2011 EIS Jury Commentary

Commentary from the 2011 Educational Interiors Showcase jury.

Three jurors from across the country convened in Overland Park, Kan., to judge this year's best in education interiors. When evaluating the projects and determining citation winners, the jury kept the following in mind:

Safety/Security. The school environment should not compromise safety and security. Technology such as sensors, locks and alarms should be incorporated.

Sustainability. Does the environment lend to sustainable behaviors? Green should be considered with materials, utilities and cost-effectiveness.

Mission/Purpose. The atmosphere should be conducive to the school's mission/purpose.

Balance. The design should be attractive but not distracting.

Connection to community. The community should have a stake in the school.

Functionality/flexibility. The design should reflect the program needs.

Technology. Technology should fulfill program needs and enable students to learn from their environment.

Innovation/creative solutions. Spaces should enable students and teachers to take ownership in the facility.

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