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Only 1 in 10 schools in Detroit is performing acceptably, nonprofit group says

Only 1 in 10 schools in Detroit is performing acceptably, nonprofit group says

Excellence Schools Detroit evaluated 224 schools serving city students and only 21 received a grade of C+ or higher 

Just one in 10 schools serving Detroit students received a high enough grade to be recommended by a nonprofit group that evaluated more than 200 schools.

The Detroit News reports that of the 212 schools evaluated by the group, only 21—15 K-8 schools and six high schoolsreceived a grade of C+ or higher.

Excellent Schools Detroit, a coalition of community and education leaders, used test scores and survey data from students, parents and teachers to determine the grades in its 2015 Scorecard.

The organization's report card is the second it has released on the K-12 schools that serve Detroit children. It covers Detroit Public Schools, the Education Achievement Authority (underperforming schools that are under state management), charters, parochial schools and suburban schools that enroll students from Detroit.

In its first report in August 2013, Excellent Schools Detroit gave 51 of 204 schools a grade of C+ or better.

The organization compiles the report card to help parents select the best schools for their children, says Armen Hratchian, vice president for K-12 education.

"This tool arms you with the knowledge necessary to make strong and informed decisions about the school you choose for your student, and the future of schools in your city,"  Hratchian says in a blog post. "Don’t let someone else tell you about school performance. See for yourself and take action."

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